From Our  Founder

Living abroad as a child has been enormously beneficial to my career and life experience. Without a doubt, access to different cultures broadened my ability to perceive circumstances from others’ viewpoints and my capacity to act with sensitivity in multi-cultural environments.

By understanding that beyond the variation of each local tradition, language or religion stand the same human values we all share as individuals, I learned to adapt quickly and to apply that learning proactively to broaden my perspective of life.

The practice of the legal profession is not an exception and it has not been sheltered from the influence of globalization. As a dual licensed U.S. - Venezuelan attorney, I have represented and advised different clients in a range of business transactions in Latin America and the United States, including corporate and business matters, compliance, and international business transactions.

As a professional committed to the legal field, it is my honor and privilege to be able to give back to my clients and supporters, not only my passion for practicing law, but also the practical details of my experience when dealing in different cultural settings, and the benefits of my understanding of the two legal systems that exist in the world.