Women Entrepreneurs

Women's entrepreneurship is a trade and industry driver of our society. Women investors and entrepreneurs have become a trade and industry driver of our society. Worldwide, the number women-owned  companies and/or controlled by one or more females has grown more than twice as fast as other businesses.

Ioberti Attorney at Law  is committed to supporting women entrepreneurs that desire to start a business, whether it is a small or medium-sized enterprise. We can share our experience  and knowledge to obtain the available tools that will strengthen their entrepreneurial ability.

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Foto por Anna Demianenko (modelo, no es un evento real).



Across professional fields, women entrepreneurs are wonderful experts at delivering quality services, but many still struggle with developing a business either because they still do not know how to start on their own or lack the core business skills, others for lack of self-confidence and others because they have not yet raised it as a possibility.

Funding is also critical to starting and maintaining a business, and women often face many challenges in this area.

At Ioberti Attorney at Law, we have a commitment to supporting women entrepreneurs to overcome such challenges, and helping them to structure, form and manage successful commercial enterprises.


Conventionally, the word "empowerment" has been associated with the risk-taking ability of the professional entrepreneur. More recently, however, "empowerment" has been more commonly used to refer to the tools that a female entrepreneur needs to  acquire in different areas of her personal, professional, family and social life, in order to be successful.

In this setting, empowerment is the process by which women acquire the power to create and control their own lives and circumstances. Independence, participation and a fortified self-esteem begin to play a key role in their life.

At Ioberti Attorney at Law, we believe that empowerment is a critical factor that influences women's decision to start their own projects. We strive to professionally contribute our knowledge and legal experience to facilitate that choice.

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Foto por Leio McLaren (modelo, no es un evento real).

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Despite the efforts of countries and organizations worldwide working on way to achieve a fair distribution of business opportunities available to women, in the majority of cultures there still exist gender biases concerning the access to and control of resources, and in the assessment of gender stereotypes and preconceived ideas whereby men and women are arbitrarily assigned a particular role.

Our aim is to increase the woman entrepreneurs know-how about starting a business, as well as to provide them with tailored business legal advice, and when possible, networking opportunities.


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